A Miracle

My family and I are all witnesses to the love and power of God this week.  We know that He is mindful of us, who are His children.  We know that He a plan for each of us and a purpose for every event in our lives.

My sweet baby sister, Heather who has been struggling for years with great emotional turmoil and pain, acted in great desperation and attempting to end her life on Wednesday.  She jumped from her 3rd story balcony, falling head-first onto concrete pavement 30 feet below.  Despite the shock of witnessing the horrific event, our parents were fortunate enough to be there to contact emergency services immediately.

Heather was taken to a local hospital where she was flown to the IHC Intermountain Medical Center, in Murray, UT.  She went into emergency surgery and was operated on for several hours.  By the faith and prayers of many many caring people- she is alive.

We came to understand the extent of her injuries as the night progressed.  Her condition quickly stabilized when her ruptured spleen was removed in surgery.  A compound fracture of her right wrist, cracked C7 vertebrae in her neck, and collapsed lung were all treated quickly.  Several fractures in a few areas of her face will be repaired when her swelling reduces in the next several days.  She has acute bleeding in her brain that has been absorbing normally, but no significant swelling in her cranium has been observed.  Although she has been intubated, Heather has been able to breathe on her own since the trauma occurred.

Now the fourth day in the ICU has passed, Heather has been able to stand up, sit in a chair, and walk with the aid of her physical therapists.  She is saying very funny things, telling stories, but recognizes her family.  While she has a long road of recovery, she has received nothing short of the best health care available in the world, and the many professionals who have worked with her all remain positive about her progress.

We know that God is mindful of Heather and has been revealing His plan in giving her a second chance at life.  She is extremely lucky to have survived and to have relatively few injuries.  We are hopeful that she will accept the help she has needed for such a long time.  The pain we have all felt with her these past few days is a small price to pay if it means her physical and emotional recovery.  It is a sad fact that anxiety and depression are so prevalent.  We have some in our extended family who have attempted and completed suicide.  We are glad that there has been more awareness and resources made available to care for those all around us who silently bear heavy emotional burdens.

My family is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, neighbors and an amazing LDS ward family.  You have all been ministering angels to us, and I am profoundly grateful for each of you.
Brady HalesComment