Thank You, Father George!

Adopting Star Wars out to the Walt Disney Company with Kathleen Kennedy as primary caretaker is the very best decision George Lucas could make with his beloved franchise child.  The news couldn't be better for me and millions of fans around the world.  I'm shocked by the realization that Episodes 7, 8, and 9 - which we talked about as kids...are actually going to be real!  I'm also shocked by the number of naysayers out there who will eventually be eating their own words.

My parents were the first generation of parents to give Star Wars to their kids. Their first date was to see the original Star Wars in 1977.   I remember Yoda pajamas and The Empire Strikes Back on VideoDisc, the predecessor to VHS one Christmas.  And then another year saw a flood of action figures from Return of the Jedi.  As I grew up, Star Wars was always at the center of my universe, happy place, and creativity.  I found many ways to bring Star Wars with me into adulthood...and lucky enough to have a wife who doesn't mind joining in, too!

Many other die-hard fans have brought Star Wars into adulthood and are now passing their love of Star Wars on to their children. I'm thrilled by the prospects of seeing new Star Wars movies with my future family in theaters, and that the franchise will grow and continue in new and exciting ways. 

Who better to direct a new Star Wars film than Steven Spielberg?  Does anyone remember that he was originally picked to direct Return of the Jedi, but couldn't because of his obligations to the Director's Guild of America?  Mr. Speilberg:  Now is your chance to make your contribution to Star Wars!  Now is your chance to send the future of Star Wars on the best possible course.

Father George didn't need to pass Star Wars onto anyone- his existing contributions to the film industry and impact on the lives of millions of fans and their families are sufficiently admirable.  What a better parting gift to bestow than a gift that will keep on giving?

Brady HalesComment